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Business Intelligence Reports & Dashboard

Deliver mission critical information on a real-time or scheduled basis

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  • Get insights into Application, Member Enrollments, Correspondence & TRR
  • Reports run on the selected frequency
  • Capability for users to self develop various data views
  • Dashboards as per business needs
  • Identify current and future high-risk member

Analytics360 has a set of pre-defined reports to get insights into application, member enrollments, correspondence, TRR data as well as Ad hoc capability for users to self develop various data views and dashboards as per business needs.
Tightly integrated with MedAdvatnage360 suite of products, our out-of-box data integration includes real-time data replication to identify changes in application data and to replicate to Analytics layer.
The reports run on the selected frequency and would distribute to a Health plan FTP location from where the reports can be routed to a user or downstream system based on the distribution preferences.

CMS Compliant library of 40+ canned reports at click of a button

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CMS Compliant Report format

Supports PDF, Excel, CSV, DOCX, RTF, 834, flat file, tab delimited are provided by our solution

User Friendly Reports

Structured around roles and rules-based access controls

Actionable Dashboard

Comprehensive dashboard featuring real-time submission performance; encounter counts and current status

Member Enrollment to TRR Reporting

Ember snapshots and extracts, application reports, billing reports, discrepancy reports, financial reports and extracts

Automated Report Delivery

Can also build a customized AI-driven model to predict the risk of specific conditions

Real-time access

Secure SSO based front end user access to the reporting tool

Actionable Analytics

Ability to generate and select universe (integrated reports from different systems) and submit to CMS on a timely manner

Bringing Operational Excellence to Business

Verification & TRR

One stop solution for all the eligibility status verification and CMS TRR reports on daily basis

Plan Level

Plan payments, Member Summary, Part A,B & D Risk adjustment, Bonus payment, LIS, LEP Reports


Application Correspondence Error Reports linked with each Member and generated letters


Reconciliation - Part C, Part D Reports, Beneficiary Statuses, Aging Summary, Late Enrollment Penalty Discrepencies


EDPS monthly reports, CMS 837 files, Historical Report, Audit Report Institutional and Professional


Generate and select Universe created form different sources and submit to CMS on a timely manner

To learn how Analytics360 can help your organization Streamline CMS Compliance reporting, Contact us today!

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