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Transform you Broker Commission Management with eEnroll360

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Wipro's eEnroll360 is a modular solution that automates Health Plan operations including pre-enrollment, agent onboarding, commission management and beneficiary health risk assessment workflows. It enables Health Plan Agents to digitally record Medicare enrollments using mobile devices, resulting in a 60% faster enrollment process in the field.
The primary focus of the eEnroll360 solution is to offer agents a user-friendly and intuitive pre-enrollment workflow, leading to enhanced beneficiary satisfaction and improved health plan star ratings. It incorporates automated business functions for campaign and prospect management, enabling Health Plans to effectively market their services through multiple channels. The system acts as a reliable source of truth, ensuring real-time tracking of the book of business and accurate commission management.

eEnroll360 expedites the on-field enrollment process, achieving a remarkable 60% reduction in time

Streamline your operations with eEnroll360 to improve Beneficiary satisfaction and star rating





Multi channel
Campaign and
Prospect management

Agent assisted / Beneficiary self service shopping experience and Support for multiple lines of business

Real-time eligibility verification with CMS MARx

Broker Onboarding and pre-enrollment
  • Multi factor authentication and secure role based access
  • Automated document validation and Audit records
  • Collects Broker consent and agreement on compensation based
  • Integrated training and assessment module for initial onboarding and recertification
  • Automated system notification capabilities
  • Integration with national and state agencies to validate Agent appointment and license status
  • Automated appointment update to state agencies
  • Robust workflow for rapid onboarding and ready to sell
  • Integrated google analytics
  • Automated provider assignment and google map integration for provider search
  • Integrated scope of appointment workflow
  • Shopping cart experience and sales material integration. Support for multiple lines of business
  • Follows all CMS guidelines of paying commissions including initials/renewals, chargebacks, rapid disenrollments
  • Supports multi-tier payment structures for FMOs, GAs, Agencies, etc.
  • Automated commission cycles and statement
  • Real time Book of Business tracking for each Broker/Agency
  • Flexible payments structures and rates
  • Supports for various incentive payment structures
  • Integrated Agent workflow to capture beneficiary health risk survey data at point of sale
  • In built Health Plan admin workflow to efficiently track pre and post enrollment outreach
  • Integrated call tracking and audit process
  • Identify partially filled forms and help capture Member engagement follow ups through calling support

How will eEnroll360 benefit your Plan?

  • Seamless enrollment process and improving member experience resulting in positive impact on Star rating.
  • Real time eligibility verification with Marx and timely CMS submission, 40% reduction in application errors due to automation.
  • 40% Increase in HRA Adoption Rate
  • Broker onboarding and subsequent payments as per CMS guidelines.
  • Performing optimum payment to Brokers and Health risk assessment (HRA) at pre and post enrollment.
  • Mobility to enroll members anytime, anywhere with minimum manual intervention resulting in accurate on-field enrollment and improving agent and member experience.
  • Supports MA, MAPD, PDP, MedSup, ACA and Commercial lines of business and flexible product configuration capabilities.
  • User friendly campaign management functions to configure and track sales campaigns

Business process outsourcing

Extend your team with domain staff available to perform operational activities

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AEP Support

Improve operational efficiency during annual enrollment period

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