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Personalized portals at your finger tips

Facilitating communication, and managing healthcare services

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  • Secure access to health plan information and related services
  • Personal health information, including medical history, diagnoses, medications, and treatment plans
  • Review claims history, track the status of claims
  • Medicare Advantage coverage verfification

Wipro’s Portal Solutions streamlines Care Coordination across the spectrum and ensures close care gaps and improve outcome.
Member and provider portals improve the overall experience for both beneficiaries and healthcare providers. By providing easy access to plan information, claims history, appointment scheduling, and health resources, these portals increase member satisfaction and engagement. Satisfied members are more likely to stay with the plan and recommend it to others, contributing to customer retention and growth.

Member experience scores 57% of the overall weight of Star Ratings

Member and Provider Portals

Improves overall experience for both beneficiaries and healthcare providers

Enhanced Customer Experience

Easy access to plan information, claims history, appointment scheduling, and health resources

Improved Operational Efficiency

Reduces the need for manual intervention, such as phone calls or paper-based transactions

Improved Data Accuracy and Analytics

Gain insights into member utilization patterns, healthcare trends, and population health metrics

Care Coordination and Collaboration

Seamless communication and information sharing between members, healthcare providers, and health plans

Cost Reduction

Minimizing administrative expenses associated with paper-based transactions, mailing, and phone-based customer support.

Real-time access

User-friendly interface contribute to a positive brand image, attracting and retaining members

To learn how Member Portal and Provider Portal can help your organization streamline CMS Compliance Reporting, Contact us today!

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